"Deschenes has introduced us to music that is immediately accessible and yet mysterious. No one will come away, I imagine, without being intrigued." 

- Fanfare, May/June 2019

"Playing with intense virtuosity and cool control, Deschenes has done Ovalle and Brazilian music a great service with this project. Very highly recommended!"

- The Villa-Lobos Magazine, January 2019

"Ovalle’s writing takes a few risks with tonality but only rarely. Rhythm is his principle tool and Deschenes uses this masterfully. She has a natural affinity for the Latin spirit of this music and Ovalle’s harmonic language. There’s a surprising amount of very satisfying variety in this program, aided significantly by Deschenes’ obviously passionate interest in Ovalle’s work."

- The Whole Note, March 2019

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The Ovalle Project is a collection of Jayme Ovalle's piano works.


Born in Belem (Brazil), Jayme Ovalle was an enigmatic artistic figure of the first half of the 20th century. A self-taught composer, he is mostly remembered today for his song Azulão, co-written with poet Manuel Bandeira. In addition to songs and a few miscellaneous instrumental works, Ovalle composed 24 opuses for piano.

Many of these pieces had never been recorded until now, which makes The Ovalle Project an historically important release aiming at bringing this music to wider audiences.